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The coat-of-arms of Monopoli

The ancient coat of arms of the city of Monopoli was, according to some historical reconstructions, in inverted colours compared to the current one: it featured three red roses on a white field.

Later, after the conversion of the population to the Christian faith, the three roses would be converted to white roses and the field to red, as reported by Monopoli historian Alessandro Nardelli.

The most plausible hypothesis is that the coat of arms was granted by Frederick II in 1221 in recognition of the valour shown by the population in defending the city from the attacks, in 1202, of Gualtieri of Brienne, the emperor's arch-enemy. The white roses would indicate fidelity and the red field the blood shed by Monopolitans.

Testimony is provided by the Latin inscription once placed on the side of the Castle of Charles V. "Civibus invictis, immoto robore tutis una fuit pro rege mori, spes certa salutis damna, mamen, tormenta, luem subire volentes assueta virtude, fidem, non fata sequentes. talia venturi servent vestigia morum; posteritas intenta legat monumenta priorum assumptae carnis anni jam mille ducenti, et due transierunt, federico regna tenenti" "To the undefeated citizens, steadfast with unshakable strength, the only certain hope of salvation was to die for the King, willingly suffer wounds, hunger, suffering, illness, following with the usual valour faith, not fate. May posterity preserve such customs; may the vigilant future contemplate the memories of the ancestors. Year 1202 since the Incarnation, King Frederick being."

Monopoli, during Swabian rule, is a royal city, a privilege given by King Frederick II.

In 1221 Frederick II donated the Coat of Arms of the Three Roses.

It is the reward for the glorious resistance put up by the Monopolitans against the siege of Gualtiero di Brienne in 1202.

The three white roses symbolise the loyalty preserved to Frederick II, the red field the blood shed by the Monopolitans during the battle.

It is the official coat of arms of the city, supplemented in 1935 with the green drape.

Identity of the city

The Coat of Arms and Banner of the Municipality are those recognised by Decree of the Head of Government dated 9 March 1935 and transcribed in the Register of the Heraldic Council of the Central State Archive.

Coat of arms: Shield in red with three silver white roses. Gonfalone: 15 palato drape of green and white, richly decorated with embroidery and silver fringe and bearing the above-mentioned coat of arms with the inscription centred in gold 'Comune di Monopoli'.

The banner is displayed in the Mayor's Hall. Silver Medal for Civil Valour By decree of the President of the Republic of 19 April 1972, Monopoli was awarded the title of City and the Silver Medal for Civil Merit, for 'the very high spirit of civic duty and sensitive human solidarity, with which it lavished itself in bringing help and assisting, for several days, lovingly the numerous shipwrecked people' during the fire that broke out on board the Greek ferry Heleanna on 28 August 1971.

Several sailors who help with their motorboats are awarded the official recognition of the Italian Republic.

The Silver Medal for Civil Merit is kept at the Local Police Headquarters.

Patron Saints and Public Holidays Saint Francis of Paola: 2 April

Our Lady of the Madia: 14-15-16 August / 16 December The days dedicated to the saints are feast days.

Public offices and schools remain closed. On 1 July 2017, by decree of Bishop Giuseppe Favale, the city was conferred the title 'Civitas Mariae' on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the landing of the Madonna della Madia.

Ceremony for the Delivery of the Keys The mayor, on the Feast Day of the Patron Saint St. Francis of Paola, goes to the Convent, where he hands over the keys. This is followed by a procession with the statue of the saint, the banner, civil, religious and military authorities, and the brass band to the cathedral, where the solemn concelebration presided over by the bishop takes place. During the Mass, the mayor offers a candle to the Saint on behalf of the city community. This is followed by the procession back to the convent.

The Silver Keys are kept at the Local Police Headquarters. Twin towns Lyss in Switzerland, Lugoj in Romania and Vlora in Albania.

Acknowledgements 5 Vele Legambiente and Touring Club Italiano (2017-2020) FEE Blue Flag (2014-2015) Protected Areas Municipality belonging to the Parco Agrario degli Ulivi Secolari, Costa dei Trulli and Murgia dei Trulli. 21 HISTORY Identity of the City.

Thanks to Professor Carbonara S. for the historical references.

CREDITS: Comune di Monopoli.

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