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Palmieri Palace

From the seafront, crossing the 'via del vento' (windy street), you reach Palazzo Palmieri, which stands in the square of the same name. The palace owes its name to one of Monopoli's most powerful aristocratic families, influential both politically and socio-economically. Commissioned in the 18th century by Francesco Paolo Palmieri, who lived here with his family, it now belongs to the I.P.R.A.B. (Istituzione Pubbliche di Assistenza e Beneficenza).

In 1921, following the death of the last direct heir, Marquis Francesco Saverio appointed the 'Congregazione di Carità' as universal heir and arranged for a Kindergarten and a School of Arts and Crafts to be housed in the Palace. From 1965 to 1990 it was home to the State Institute of Art and in recent years has been the film set for several Rai Uno dramas.

The splendid building, in late baroque style inspired by Lecce, has the typical structure of a marquis's residence. The exterior façade of gilded tufa has a stone plinth and, in the lower part, a limestone cornice. The entrance consists of a portal set between two Ionic columns supporting the central balcony and the coat of arms of the ancient family. The interior of the palace has more than one hundred rooms, almost all of which are frescoed and arranged on two floors. The most important room is the so-called 'gallery' overlooking the external loggia; originally, it was built to house paintings, amphorae and ancient coins. Next to this room is a private chapel with an ogival arch.

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CREDITS: Comune di Monopoli.

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