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Municipal Library

In 1956, during the administration led by Mayor Angelo Sorino, the process of establishing the 'Prospero Rendella' municipal library was completed.

It is promoted by Prof. Sen. Luigi Russo, honorary director, assisted by Angelo Menga and Giuseppe Cavallo.

On 21 April 1958, the 'Bibliographic Exhibition of Monopolitan Writers and Things' was organised.

On this occasion, the Library was officially inaugurated in the presence of the Hon. Aldo Moro, a personal friend of Senator Luigi Russo.

In 1985, the conference 'Monopoli in the Age of the Renaissance' was held.

Over time, through purchases by the municipality and donations from families and private citizens, the archive holdings were enriched with more than 100,000 books and documents.

In the large hall on the first floor, students, scholars and members of the public enjoy reading and culture, supervised by director Sante Moretti.

Until the 1970s, on the ground floor, under the porticoes of the palace, the 'Fish Market' continued to take place, where local sailors auctioned the catch from their boats.

Towards the New Library

In 2005, the library was closed for the functional adaptation of the building and the library holdings were transferred to a storage facility in Rutigliano.

In October 2006, during the administration of Mayor Paolo Antonio Leoci, the regional conference 'The Library as a Resource' was held.

In 2010, the Children's Library section was activated on the ground floor under the coordination of Paolo Damore.

In December 2014, during the administration of Mayor Emilio Romani, the project for the restoration and reorganisation of the Library was approved.

On 4 June 2015, Professor Antonella Agnoli, an expert in the field of theatre, assisted by the Friends of the Library group, presented the organisational and functional project.

In November 2017, it was inaugurated.

In January 2018, the renovation of the building was completed.

In November 2019, during the administration of Mayor Angelo Annese, new spaces were inaugurated: Music Lab, Food Lab and the Tourist Information Office.

Organisation and management are overseen by municipal manager Pietro D'Amico, director Marianna Capozza and culture councillor Rosanna Perricci.

Today, the Library represents a new place, far from the collective imagination, where citizens, especially young people, can meet, approach culture, information and all communication tools.

A multifunctional, convergent and inclusive place, capable of activating new energies of and in the community, where reading, listening, seeing, playing, learning, participating, being together, are the new verbs of modern culture.

The 'Prospero Rendella' in Monopoli is the full expression of the UNESCO Manifesto for Libraries, it is the new 'Square of Knowledge' where one can meet, grow and improve oneself and society as a whole, in the cult of participation and freedom.

Thanks to Professor Carbonara S. for the historical references.

CREDITS: Comune di Monopoli.

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