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Lido Porto Pino

It is called Porto Pino, it is read relaxation. The new reality enriches Monopoli's seaside offer, immersed in the green of the typical Apulian vegetation and the blue of the sea, in Santo Stefano.

A reality ready to welcome bathers in real oases, amidst the foliage of olive trees. Each oasis can accommodate up to five guests, including children, from the same group or family unit.

A welcome non-alcoholic drink and a beach towel are provided for each guest.

There are several areas in the establishment: a sea bar area, a refreshment area, a relaxation area, an oasis area, a pine tree area, a wellness area with a whirlpool, as well as a parking area and a service and infirmary area. For each oasis, there is also a table with chairs, a storage cabinet with a key, an electric socket and a mini speaker for playing music. For each oasis, there is also a corresponding place with a deckchair and table in the 'Relaxation Area'.

The establishment can also be reached by a convenient shuttle service that picks up guests and takes them to the beach, following the coastline and admiring the flowing landscape along the way.

You will then find yourself in a lido that is surrounded by nature and respects it: in fact, the facility is plastic free and has been designed to be in perfect symbiosis with the environment.

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