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Indelli Villa

Indelli Villa is an Art Nouveau villa (pink or Pompeian red) located in C. da Cozzana, built in 1909 by Vito Indelli, a lawyer and writer. It is located in the hills of Monopoli, only 5 km from the sea. The villa was originally intended as the residence of the owner, Vito Indelli. During the 1920s, it was enlarged with the addition of the dining room. In the 1930s, Mr Indelli decided to move to Bari and from then on, a dark period began for the villa.

Then, during the Second World War, the villa was requisitioned first by German troops who made it the headquarters of their area command and then, after 8 September 1943, by British troops. The original furniture was destroyed by the latter, who used it for firewood. The same fate befell most of the book covers of the library of Vito Indelli, who died shortly before the outbreak of the conflict.
After the war, the Indelli family did not have the necessary resources to meet the huge expenses that the renovation of the villa required. It was therefore assigned free of charge to a colony, which, in return, provided the work. The tiled roof was demolished as it was unsafe and, thanks to the children of the colonies, the structure was given new life.
Since the 1960s, the villa has been used as a summer holiday home by the Indelli family and their guests.


CREDITS: Comune di Monopoli.

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