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Funbox Skate School

Funbox Skate School is an amateur sports association affiliated to FISR and CONI that organises skateboarding courses for children and teenagers. Instructors will guide students in learning all basic and advanced techniques.

Individual or pair lessons (the pair must have the same level) at €15.00 per person, lasting one hour. Annual membership is compulsory at a cost of €20.00 (from 30 September to 30 September). From July 15, the membership has a cost of € 10.00 as it is about to expire.

You need to fill in:
- registration form
-privacy form (consent to post images or videos on our social media)
-Form for disclaimer in case the student in the absence of protection suffers accidents.

Language: Italian

Public opening hours:
Monday to Friday | 16:00-21:00 pm
Saturday (10 June to 10 September) | 08:00-11:00 am
Saturday (11 September to 9 June) | 08:00 am -14:00 pm


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