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Convent of St. Francis of Paola – Holy Trinity Parish

The convent complex of San Francesco da Paola is an interesting example of a 16th century religious building.
The foundation of the convent dates back to 2 March 1530, the day Father Giuliano Genuese arrived in Monopoli. Welcomed with great honours, he received the immediate availability of an already existing church, dedicated to 'Jesus and Mary', and housing for the Fathers of his order. On this first core, the present complex was gradually built.
In 1603, work began on the decoration of the cloister by the painter Bernardino Greco da Copertino, author of the frescoes in the convent of the Minims of Grottaglie. In 1623, the church underwent major alterations, especially to the altars and decorations.
The convent took on particular importance when, on 6 August 1645, by unanimous vote of the University, St Francis of Paola was elected patron of the city.
The façade of the church, crowned by a semicircular tympanum on which pinnacles rest, is vertically divided into three parts by pilasters, and is horizontally divided into two rows of niches; the lower fingers accommodate statues attributed to Stefano of Putignano. The portal is decorated on the architrave with a bust depicting St Francis of Paola.

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CREDITS: Comune di Monopoli.

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