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Brescia Simone – Veneziani Villa

The Brescia Simone - Veneziani, Villa dating back to 1800, has seen the 'succession' of several owners over time and is a villa that has all the elements to show the transformations and functions of the structure over time: watchtower, masseria and finally villa.
It became a Simone - Veneziani property in the late 1800s, when it was used as a manor house. It should be noted that the villa, even before the Simone - Venetians, was acquired by the Brescia family.Historical research shows that the oldest point of the house was a tower, a military observation and sighting point, which was surrounded by a protective moat. The lower part of the house, on the other hand, had (and still has) rooms carved out of the rock, used over time as a trappeto. Later on, the masseria system developed, which had, in addition to the trappeto, a barn and stable: these formed the main elements of the masseria.
On the ground floor were the farmers' stables and animals. In the course of time, a boundary wall was built, similar to a gate, the upper part of the villa/house, and finally, during the 1800s, the villa proper. In the upper part of the house there is a large flat, measuring approximately 250 square metres and some frescoes; a living room and a chapel, classic elements of the villa.
The villa represents a unique example in the area, as it witnesses the gradual transition from observation tower - military to fortified farmhouse (during the 1800s) to the present villa.

Inside the villa and precisely at the entrance, there is a slit, approximately 11 metres deep, used for a long time for irrigation and hauling water from the road, when it was not yet paved.

We would like to thank the kind availability and cooperation of Mr Grattagliano, the owner of the villa, for providing the information.

CREDITS: Comune di Monopoli.

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